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Here are a couple of samples and write down as many as you want. Do I want children in my life? Do I want to travel the world? Do I want to be more positive in life? Do I want to be rich? Do I want to live in a villa in Spain? Do I want to be a movie star? QUOTE: WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, DO MORE OF THAT
Are you picturing yourself: * sipping cocktails on the beach? * writing a book? * taking a helicopter ride? * flying first class to Cape Town? * owning many successful firms? * singing on stage with a famous artist? QUOTE: WHAT ARE FUN EXPERIENCES, DO MORE OF THAT.
Also tell me why they move you
Lets assume you are not on holiday but in your home, what would your days look like going forward in your life?
Good question right?
a) Financial/Wealth growth? b) Physical/Health growth? c) Mental/Intellectual growth? d) Social/Relationship growth? e) Spiritual growth? Just write down "Self" or "Else"
You could answer: It provides a roof over my head It makes me money It's my children's inheritance I am proud to have a home to live in
Mine was that I always allowed the wrong partners into my businesses and they exploited me. Now I teach people what to look out for.
Fear can also be a sign that you're on the right path. The mind always fears the unknown, but the spirit is always at peace.
The expression of your true, authentic self to the world is what we call YOUR PURPOSE. And here's the exciting part, your purpose will be expressed in such a variety of interesting and wonderful ways that nothing or nobody will put you in a box again! May you enjoy the rest of your life as you live on PURPOSE. You are welcome to leave a comment in the box below